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We are creating tomorrow’s IT & Digital Workforce; we value decisions, dedications, and determinations to embrace digital. Through talent, technology and targeting (aim), we help employees to achieve their career goals. Lemonoids, an ethos of learning – its atmosphere itself encourages employees to adhere the challenges, think out-of-box and deliver the best possible. We acknowledge the changing technological demands, encompasses the business opportunities to redefines the digital walkthroughs.
Job Placement & Associated Businesses, Corporates and International Brands
Digital Marketing Jobs
SEO Executive (50+ Opening)
SEO Trained/SEO Fresher candidate with exposure Digital (Web, Social Mobile) Technologies. SEO Analysis, Keyword Research, On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization (Link Building Strategies), Content Marketing. Coordinate with Client, Business Objectives Enhancements and Optimize landing pages.
Sr. SEO Analyst
Experienced in SEO Activities, cross domain management to manage search engine strategies such as Keyword Research, On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization (Link Building Strategies), Content Marketing. Focus on in-house and client-side websites to improve performance, search ranking and maximize ROI. Exposure to internet marketing Tools, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRush and others.
SEO Manager
Responsible for SEO – Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Clients; coordinate with client business objectives with SEO analysis and reporting. Evaluate SERP Ranking through across channels, administer search engine programs and communicate to team and management on project development, timelines, and results
Digital Marketing Executive
Plan/Execute/Monitor/Optimize the Digital Marketing strategies for in-house and client prospective. Promote business products and web services throughout digital channels to ensure productivity. With marketing technology reinforce digital campaigns, social integration, email marketing and acquisition activities.
Sr.Digital Marketing Specialist
Experience with B2B/B2C Websites, awareness with Digital (Social, Web, Mobile) Marketing, Paid Campaigns, Affiliated Marketing (Referral), Email/SMS Marketing (WhatsApp’s Marketing), high exposure to content writing/marketing strategies. Measure the performance of digital campaigns with in-house and third-party tools; working knowledge on Ad Serving tools with have advantage (DART, Atlas)
Digital Marketing Manager
Develop/Manage/Monitor/Execute Digital Marketing Campaigns with organic, social and paid marketing strategies. Track conversions with maximize ROI and monitoring KPIs; manage branding values throughout business and digital channels. Understand SERP Algorithms, Implement Web Elements, Plan ROI through Paid Campaign and Optimize User Experiences.
Learning and Support